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Have you got photos of Innerfield parties from the past? We'd love to put them in the gallery. Please get in touch via the contact page. Thanks!  


Our other projects:

Vjamm Allstars ( Audio-visual performance collective.
Gridio ( Audio-visual interactive installations.
Rocket Festival ( Our music and performing arts festival in Spain.

Special thanks to:

Matt Black - Ninja Tune
Laurence Dickie, Jon Crawley, Danny Cucklin - Turbosound
Exciting Pro Audio company -
Audio Professionals - long time collaborators - C3 Audio
Mat the Cat - Catarax
The best parties way out east- Planet Yes
Monkey Techno and Breaks in Brighton - Ape-X
Old friends, proper munters - Bust the Box

Colleagues and Friends, Stuff we like:

They really do this stuff! - What and Sons
Gorgeous stages - Silver Stage
Beautiful trailers and more - Airstream Facilities
Fabulous tents - Yes Tents
New loudspeakers for the discerning listener - Vivid Audio
Find out what's going on in Brighton- Flyer Central
That perfect plant for your house or garden - Find me plants
The original and best audio-visual sampler - VJamm

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